Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Profile: Shane Robbins

Photo by: Ashley Clark

Among many of the young teens who enjoy Rock Camp I was able to talk to Shane for a moment and take in his opinion on many of the highlights music has had on him in his life. Take the time and read, SHANE ROBBINS, ROCK AND ROLL CAMP GUITARIST:

Rock & Roll Camp: What do you play?
Shane Robbins: Black/ Goldish Gibson voxton

R&RC: Who do you admire as a band that is like yourself?
SR: "The Kill Davids and also the K.K. and the R.R."

R&RC: What kind of music do you listen to?
SR: "Music that makes me want to freak out!"

R&RC: What made you want to do Rock and roll camp?
SR: "The people and the music coming together."

R&RC: How did you choose your bandmates?
SR: "At first it was just me Dalton and Eli, but then Sam took Eli's place for some reason."

R&RC: How long have you played the guitar?
SR: "I've played for 2-3 years."

R&RC: Why do you like music?
SR: "Because it's the only thing in this world that makes sense anymore, and the music itself because I think it's beautiful."

R&RC:Have you wanted to explore other instruments?
SR: "Well maybe singing, but I originally was playing the base and switched to guitar."

R&RC: How long did you play the bass?
SR: "1 year and I still kinda do but I'm more into guitar than bass."

R&RC: What advice do you have for new upcoming bands?
SR: "Don't let the music die in your hearts, just because something is not right."

R&RC: How do you prepare yourself for an upcoming concert?
SR: "A lot of concentration and confidence!"

R&RC: How do you balance music and your everyday life?
SR: "By putting them into one."

R&RC: How does your everyday life impact your music?
SR: "I think it makes it ten times better. It gives me more drive to make songs that will hopefully change the world."

R&RC: What is your outlook on music in itself?
SR: "I find it beautiful, suspenseful, dramatic, I feel it gives us hope for something new."

R&RC: Who is your favorite musician?
SR: "Ozzy Osborne, and everyone else that knows how to make music."

R&RC: Where do you get your inspiration from?
SR: "Life."

R&RC: Any other gigs coming up, besides R&RC?
SR: "When I find a band."

R&RC: How do you feel towards Peter W.?
SR:" I find him an amazing guy for putting this together and making it happen."

R&RC: Last Words?
SR: "Love the rock, forget the drugs!"
-Brittany Taylor

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