Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Addison Schulberg... Friend Or Foe?

We asked Addison, a former student and first-year counselor, some questions about his experiences here.

Addison, you've been at rock camp all four years what have you noticed as far as improvements go?

Addison: It has become less messy, and a lot more organized... I think we have the elimination of fruit punch to thank for that.

What do you like to see the kids doing?

I really like after i teach someone some guitar tricks and i see them practicing what i taught them... I pretty much like whenever i see the kids working hard. It makes me feel awesome.

I have heard quite a few kids saying that you are their least favorite counselor, and that they think you suck.


No. But how would you react to that?

I would cry myself to sleep, and try to improve my teaching habits... Or something.


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