Monday, August 10, 2009

Profiles: Greggory

I cornered Greggory Dallas after lunch and bombarded her with personal questions, trying to figure out who she was and why she is here with us. Haha, in reality we hung out by the front counter and I asked her a few short questions about herself and what she was excited for during the rock camp.

Name: Greggory, that's with two "g's".
Age: 25 years old
Instrument you can/want to play: Guitar, but I failed at that, I just never practiced. And singing.
Facial Hair: None (This has no relivance to anything, we just wanted to make sure she wasn't a spy or something like that.)
City: I grew up in Pendleton then left for college. I was in the Peace Corps in Madagascar.
What are you most excited for during Rock Camp? The Friday concert! Oh, and the final edition of the paper/blog...thing...whatever.


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