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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Concert Night!


Black Velvet

Life Complex

Salt n' Peppa



Terrorize Sound


The Spork Police

A Night to Forget

Death Machine

Corpse Sludge

Pirate Alchemy

We don't know...Email us (see below)


The Squires

Adam and Jacki


Cherokee Shuffle

The Kill Davids

Blind Lemon Weston and the Walla-Walla Sweets

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Pictures by Westley

Friday, August 14, 2009

Picture of the day: Friday

Dear Jacki

Dear Jacki,

The stress of rock camp is really getting me down, I haven't eaten or slept much. What do I do?

Get a tattoo to remind yourself to eat food and drink water.

I'm not very good at instruments, what should I do?

Start a pop band and call your music obscure.

How do I get public recognition outside of Pendleton?

Send Casey numerous emails entitled PRESS RELEASE. Show up at his house; sleep on his couch/eat all his food. Stay there for 6months then move back to Pendleton.

I don't like music and I'm scared of people and sunlight. What do I do?

Start an avant garde punk band and call your music noise.

How does one integrate the well experienced musicians with that not so experienced?

Three major chords and a tambourine.

I broke someone's instrument and I don't know how to tell them, what should I do?

Leave a note with your insurance information. IOU

My wife is really into the Game, but I'm into Jay Z more, how do we save our marriage?

Only discuss how much you hate Kanye.

Profile: Distracted

Members: Levi, Forrest, Sam

Hit song from your band: Through the Mist
Sounds like: Neo western, psychedelic.

Winner is...Edward!

We had a contest to come up with a name for the camp magazine/blog. After tons of submissions (3) the magazine staff chose the name of :Rawk Tok. But to add a little more flair, we added Jamboree to the end. Edward agreed.

RTJ: So, how do you feel after winning?
Edward: Very surprised. It was a little cliched.

RTJ: what was the inspiration for the name?
E: I just thought of something cliched.

RTJ: What makes you so awesome?
E: *laughs* My determination to be amazing and my ego.

RTJ: Any advise to those less awesome?
E: Nothing in this world worth having is easy.

RTJ: What does your career look like after rock camp?
E: Focused. I won't be surrounded by cool people.

Profile: The Kill Davids

Members: Zane, Austin, Bryan, Eric

Other names you came up with: No. One bad name since 8th grade.

Hit Song from band: Butt Jesus (medley)

Sounds like: Hank Wiliams Jr. heart surgury. "We're more of a brotherhood than a band." - Austin

Profile: Blind Lemon Weston and the Walla walla Sweets

Members: Weston Simonton, Gabriel Lybrand, Addison Shulburg, Vaughn Anderton, Levi Cecil, Andy Cooms

Other names you came up with: Blue to the Bone

Hit song from your band: Shout - The Isley Brothers

Sounds like: Dirty blues review

Profile: Death Machine

Members: Brooke Lee Ann Wilson, Alicia Vurgis, Cole Zeckman, Jordan Short, Scott Swenson, Cliff Marquardt, Jared Marquardt

Other names you came up with: Gibsons R Us

Hit song from your band: How I Feel About You Now

Sounds like: Progressive Alternative rock

Profile: Spork Police

Members: Unah Leonard, Will Paige, Connor Emert, Ciaran Berlie

Other names you came up with: Eye Ciaran, Suicidal Notation

Hit song from your band: Spork Police

Sounds like: Super awsome, very fun to play

Profile: Corpse Sludge

Members: Mirande, Victor, Evan

Other names you came up with? Bat Sludge, Sludge Sludgenator

Hit song from your band: Sludge Up Trees

Sounds like: Rain of sludge